Environmental Statement

Here at Hicks Farm Holidays we are committed to working in a sustainable and ethical way.

Since we moved to the farm in 1988 we have had a rolling programme of improvements to both our properties and the farm. We are continually seeking to improve our environmental performance without spoiling our and others enjoyment of this truly unspoilt location.

You will find recycling facilities in the Recycling Barn where you can place glass, metal, plastics, tetra packs, batteries, paper and card. Full details are provided in each property.

Compostable and food waste can be put into the special kitchen caddies. The compost is dealt with on the farm and keeps our vegetables growing very well! We have adopted a Hot Composting method which is Mathew is getting used to managing but it does produce weed free compost for our garden tubs – brilliant product from waste.

As our water supply is not mains so we are very conscious of water wastage and loss.  With this in mind all mains showers are fitted with aerators and those in the pool shower area are push-button operated so that they cannot be left on accidentally.

The drinking water in each house is passed through a u-v light system. Water samples are tested annually by the Environmental Services to ensure it satisfies current regulations

Our water butts supply sufficient water for the flower tubs in the summer!

We have our own sewerage treatment plant on the farm so we are conscious of what chemicals we introduce when washing and cleaning – you will find all products provided in the properties are biodegradable.

The swimming-pool water is tested daily and dosed to balance the pH levels. To reduce the need for  excessive chemicals additions we politely asks guests to shower before entering the pool and not use it as a bath – the testing reveals who does shower!

We have an on-going programme of improvements to our properties with regards reducing energy consumption. All radiators have thermostatic valves allowing guests to control their room temperatures. Boilers are A- rated and insulation of the houses is maximised (or being improved within the redecorating programme).

All light bulbs are low energy.

Electricity in the Pool Barn and Orchard House is supplemented by the electricity generated from the solar panels on the Pool Barn roof. Even on a dull day some electricity is produced!

Kitchen and Laundry appliances if not already A or A+ rated will be as they are replaced when beyond repair.

To reduce “laundry miles” all our laundry is washed, dried and ironed on the farm – Susan can verify this!

Logs for your wood burners are all sourced from our farm – Mathew can verify this!

If you are lucky enough to be staying here over the festive period your Christmas tree will have been grown on the farm – just by the cattle shed!

Where hot drink making facilities are provided, all tea, coffee and sugar sachets are Fairtrade.

On the farm we do not use man-made fertiliser only the muck produced by our livestock and an annual spread of lime when field pH levels require lifting. Rodent and rabbit control is dealt with by Phoebe – the farm cat.  Field weeds are controlled by Mathew in line with Defra’s Farm Environmental Scheme – if you see him apparently wandering aimlessly about the fields he is probably thistle bodging!

You will need a car to get to us as there is no railway station close by or bus passing the end of the drive – but we are sure you will see why so many people choose to return to Hicks Farm in this hidden corner of Herefordshire.