The Farm Walk

A long time ago…… well during the first Covid19 lockdown to be precise ….we were sat outside on a lovely sunny evening enjoying the metal bird that we had been given and had just put up on the barn.

Little did we know but by the next morning 28 other metal birds would be winging their way to Hicks Farm!

The idea of using the birds as markers for walks on the farm had been born.

But…. it takes time to decide on the route, argue over the position of the birds and then to actually put them in place. Now we have several in place marking a walk alongside the stream to a bench placed in memory of a much loved friend, where you can see if you can spot the heron, kingfisher and other metal birds as you rest.

More ravens mark a route up through the wood on the mountain side and we still have a few more to put up but we are getting there.

All part of the fun at Hicks Farm.

30th Anniversary year!

In July 1992 we welcomed our first guests – the McCoy Family to Rose Cottage.

Over the last thirty years we have welcomed many people to the farm. Many guests have become family friends & we have watched their children grow into adults & bring back their own children to stay here.

We have many happy memories of sharing our home with so many people over the last 30 years – here’s to many more years to come!

The Piglets are here!

Our two beautiful Gloucester Old Spot and Landrace cross piglets have settle into their new home.

As yet unnamed the duo are busy searching for ways to escape into the big field to join Tom, Jerry and Daisy!

Let’s hope they all get on when we open the gate later this month to allow them out onto the Pig’s Patch.

Our annual Visitors return!

A few weeks ago a forward party of House Martins arrived but they did not hang a round and we have been watching the skies for more to come.

Finally the Swallows have arrived and are busy nest building in the barns and slowly but surely the House Martins are returning to build their precarious nests under the eaves.

Every year a Swallow sits in the same place on the telephone wire and natters away – is it the same bird each year? We wonder…. but it doesn’t really matter we just enjoy seeing them come safely back for another year.