Spring holidays for couples at hicks farm

A Spring clean for our website

The daffodils are out, which is a sign that Spring is nearly here!

And…….Thomas has tidied up our website …well really he has rebuilt it.

He deserves a medal  for “His patience with Mum” whilst he put together the new website. Especially when Mum was having trouble with her widgets!!

We think he’s done a really good job.

Take a look for yourself and see…


The Rhode Rock girls have arrived!

We collected these gorgeous hens this morning and they are already making themselves at home – discovering that grass tastes really good after being reared inside a shed.

They are lovely looking birds with black plumage and pretty gold markings on their necks and chests.

With any luck very soon they will be laying their beautiful brown eggs.

It will be great to have fresh eggs back on the breakfast menu!!

Orchard House Kitchen Table

Orchard House’s Christmas present

Orchard House had an early Christmas present.

We commissioned two new tables for the kitchen. Together they will easily seat 20 people (the picture here only shows the normal 14 chairs!) and then when separated will seat 24.

Rose Cottage didn’t miss out on Christmas either – champagne glasses can now be found in both our properties. Let the celebrations begin!

Happy Christmas everyone!


Good News

We don’t often blow our own trumpet but we had a really good report after our annual inspection by Visit England.

Here are just a few snippets from what the inspector said.

“…. ….the Proprietors are very much to be commended on the continued investment and maintaining of these standards helping ensure that the properties retain the Four Star Self Catering rating…..It isalso a pleasure to re confirm the Gold Award for Orchard House cottage for another year, reflectingthe care and attention afforded by the Proprietors…….Special mention should once again be made ofthe high standards of cleanliness seen on the day, a real credit to the Bywaters and for which they are to be congratulated.”

So you can rest assured that we are keeping up the standards you want to see when you come and stay here at Hicks Farm.


Another month of Goodbyes

One of our loveable black cats Tizer’s health went downhill after the sudden death of Kim and sadly we said goodbye to him in September.

Tizer is missed by us all including his brother Tango who is finally accepting the loss of both Kim and Tizer.

But it hasn’t just been the cat and the dog to whom we said farewell……… after much thought we have decided to have a break from keeping cattle on the farm.

It will be strange without them but we have decided to make some changes and see how we and the farm cope!

So, the lorry arrived and the cattle were loaded and we said “goodbye” to our cows too!