The Farm

Hicks Farm has been farmed by our family for over a hundred years. The farm is about 154 acres and is mainly grassland which our sheep graze.

There are several old woodland areas which provide a welcome habitat to a diverse range of species, both flora and fauna. We are lucky enough to have bluebells on our woodland floor and amongst the hedgerows primroses are a welcome sign when the weather is warming up!

Buzzards nest high in the trees on Harley’s Mountain, whilst the woodpeckers are often heard and seen, their nesting grounds remain a mystery. We regularly see Red Kites overhead but as yet none are known to nest in our woods.

Walking on the Farm

Guests are very welcome to wander on our farmland; all our gates are marked with a yellow band so you will know where you are! You may like to picnic in the woodlands or on the hillside, and paddling in the stream, on a hot sunny day in the shade of the trees, can be highly recommended!

On the hillside, badger setts are clearly visible, and those with patience and the ability to sit silently down wind can watch the badgers enjoy the evening sun or make their night time trip down to the stream to drink.

Our animals

Apart from the wildlife on the farm we have our own sheep and pigs. In the spring when the lambs are born we bottle feed orphan lambs. The lambs can need feeding up to four times daily and we feed them until the end of the May half term holiday! Children (and adults) are most welcome to help out with the feeding.

Our pigs are always ready for food and a good scratch of course, they will run to their feeding trough whoever carries the feed bucket.

Alongside our farmyard animals we must not forget our black cat Tango, who are in charge of vermin control. He is part of the family team here on the farm.

During your stay please do ask us if you want to help with the feeding of our animals and if you have any questions about the farm or its wildlife we will be only too happy to try and answer them!

We are a Working Farm

We should add that since we are a working farm there are not always lambs to be bottle fed or pigs needing lots of food. Unlike visitor attraction “farms” we cannot be lambing all year round to provide lambs for you to see being born or to feed; our young animals grow and then they leave the farm, so there will be times when the pigs or lambs are missing – but our laying hens will still be here!

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to stay during lambing, or be in the shed at the right time, the video below is of a lamb being born here on the farm!

Download farm map