Disabled Facilities

Wheel Chair Access Information

Throughout the ground floor of Orchard House you will find all doorways are extra wide at 838mm. Door handles, light switches and power points are all accessible from the wheelchair except over the kitchen work surface.

Unfortunately not all the kitchen facilities are accessible from a seated position; however we would hope that the able bodied members of your party would do the cooking for you whilst you are on holiday! The coffee/tea making facilities in the ground floor bedroom suite are positioned at a suitable height.

The downstairs bedroom’s ensuite has the essential grab rails for the wheelchair user and the less mobile. These are a real plus for the elderly as we have found out from personal family experience.

The over-bath shower has appropriately placed grab rails and an easy turn temperature/spray adjuster. If you are unable to use the bath then please do use the facilities of the Pool Barn where you can have a shower in the seated position- just ask we will be happy to ensure privacy for you.

Access to Orchard House and the Pool Barn is all ramped. The emergency exit from the downstairs bedroom suite has a railed ramp.

Access to both BBQ cabins are ramped. However, only the larger BBQ cabin is wheel chair accessible inside.

Hearing Aid Users

Hearing aid users will be able to turn their hearing-aids to the “T” position to enjoy the use of the hearing loop system. Each of the downstairs rooms in Orchard House has its own amplifier which is connected via a scart lead to the TV. This enables the hearing-aid user to hear the TV without the need to have the volume at maximum. In addition a microphone can be used on each system. The microphone has a long lead enabling it to be positioned or passed around so that the hearing impaired do not miss out on conversation. An instruction leaflet is provided.

Our installation uses ECHO ® MegaLoop Induction Loop Amplifiers

Access Guides

To view the PDF access guides for Orchard House, Rose Cottage and The Pool Barn please click the links below:

Orchard House Access Guide PDF

Rose Cottage Access Guide PDF

The Pool Barn Access Guide PDF