The Corvid Trail

Follow the Ravens that mark our delightful walk on the farm

A few years ago I received a special Mother’s Day gift of two beautiful little swallows made by the company Metalbirds …..

Two Swallows

You may recall the weather was lovely during the first dreadful Covid Lockdown of 2020!

One sunny evening during this lockdown we sat enjoying a glass of wine looking up at the metal swallows – now in position on the Pool Barn.

“I wonder….. do you think they make a bird we could sit on a fence post”.

The laptop came out and the wine flowed……

The following morning I checked the emails and discovered we had ordered 20 Ravens and several other birds – oops!! Thank you Metalbirds – they are perfect.

And so The corvid Trail began……..

It has taken sometime to put all the birds in place and then source the deer family that now stand majestically in the wood.

We positioned each route marking post (with a Raven on top) so that the next post could be seen from it. Of course there was some debate as to whether everyone could see the next post, as the birds can be well camouflaged, but that just adds to the fun!

We need not have worried it is already a popular walk for everyone!

Leaving the farm yard the twenty Ravens perch on the top of posts marking the walk which will take you down to the stream and through the woodlands. Along the way you can spot the metal Kingfishers by the stream, the antique Heron and a Woodpecker.

Sheltered in the woodlands by the stream you will discover a bench in memory of a dear neighbour and our children’s much-loved “Auntie Anne”. It is a perfect place to stop by the babbling brook and listen to the sounds of the countryside or “just be”!

The route crosses over the road to Harley’s Mountain and continues up through the woods where after the “climb” you will find the deer before you head off and enjoy the fantastic views from the top fields of our farm.

And …… you return to the farm see if you can spot the woodpecker and the owl!!

We can provide you with a map of the trail and a list of birds and animals you can find. The rest is down to you – get your wellies or your boots on – yes you have to cross a stream – and enjoy the Corvid Trail.

PS – In the farmyard look up and see if you can spot the Robins and the Wrens.