Pets Welcome

Here at Hicks Farm we welcome our furry friends.

Especially as we no longer have our own sheep dog on the farm.

There are obviously a few housekeeping rules inside the properties (no pets on beds or furniture please) and outside the confines of your garden if there are livestock about we respectfully ask you to keep your dogs on their leads.

During your stay you have freedom to wander all over the farm. There will be animals in the fields but not every field will be occupied. If you are concerned about where to walk do come and ask, farm maps are provided and we can easily tell you where our sheep are hiding!

Dog tags provided

However attentive we are, there will always be moments when your dog may stray from your side.

In such a rural area we advise all visitors to attach our “I am on holiday at Hicks Farm” tag to their dog’s collar. These must be returned at the end of your stay for our next furry friend to borrow.

In the unlikely event your dog does go off the farm our neighbours will know where to contact us, or return the wanderer home!

Keeping the grounds clean

A messy subject but one we hope we have covered!

On arrival dog owners will be provided with a few compostable poo bags which we hope you will use, if needed, when around the grounds. Lidded poo bins are provided in each garden and on the farm yard too.

Outside of the gardens and grounds on the farm please carry some little bags and bring them back to put in the bins – just be careful where you tread as the sheep haven’t got a similar system set up yet!!

And if you need a Kennel or Cattery during your stay…

Then contact Caroline at Stoneybridge Farm and arrange for your dog or cat to have his or her own mini holiday!

Whilst you are staying with us this can be really useful if you are attending a wedding or a function nearby that won’t accept pets.

But…. please remember to book in advance and you will need your vaccination card (must include kennel cough), see Caroline’s website for full details.

Please do not leave your dog unattended in the property – if absolutely necessary to do this then please cage your pet. We do have a large cage you can borrow.