Kim the sheep dog

We say Farewell to Kim

Sadly our much loved Sheepdog Kim died suddenly last week. She will be missed by not only our family but many more people who she met over her 12 years with us.

Kim came to us in July 2006. A multicoloured bundle of fluff.

From an early age she showed great ball catching skills – but was a reluctant sheep dog. Tizer and Tango, the cats, who were already in residence tolerated this lively creature and Kim soon learnt when, and when not, to bother them!

As time went on Kim had puppies – three litters of gorgeous puppies. She was a very proud Mum and always looked after her puppies. Only abandoning them on one occasion when going for a long walk into Brampton Bryan with the guests seemd like a good idea – little did she know that the new park keeper would spot her off a lead and tie her to a gate post in the park! Which is exactly where we eventually found her, patiently waiting – she knew we’d come and rescue her!

Over the year’s Kim has been the most mentioned in the visitor’s books. Kim was always there to greet everyone and would rock up at every BBQ invited or not!

She loved company, especially children. Saying that anyone who would play ball was perfect in Kim’s eyes – she had her own unique way of holding onto the ball, many of your know all about that! Playing cricket was always a challenge with Kim around.

She was a loveable rogue & will be terribly missed – the Christmas card will not quite be the same without our Kim.