They’ve called me Laura!

As posted on Facebook “They’ve called me Laura! After the lady who celebrated her Hen Party here last weekend – but I have no plans to marry at the moment!”

Our four bottle fed lambs have now all got names! Tim and Nigel were joined by two young ladies who remained nameless until last weekend. The visiting Hen Party helped make the decision.

Dotty was named because she has a blue dot on her back and Laura was named after the Hen who gets married in August.

Lamb feeding!

Happy Easter

The sun is out and all is well on the Farm.

Our two tiddler lambs are enjoying the attention from everyone at their feeding times and the extra cuddles in between.

And… of course they have names too. Meet Tim and Nigel!

Oh yes…. nearly forgot our lovely White piglets have been named Lily and Pearl!

Piglets arrive at Hicks Farm

The Piglets are here!!

Two gorgeous little piglets are settling in their new home at Hicks Farm.

The last week they have had to deal with wind, rain and snow but they are not worried they have a lovely bed of straw to sleep on.

The two gilts are still nameless – but suggestions have been made. Although Streaky and Rasher are not my favourites but seem very popular!

Lambing starts!

Only a few days earlier than expected but who wouldn’t you want to be born on a glorious sunny day like today?

The ewe was very proud of her new lamb as you can see – another ewe lambed a short time later. So now it’s just our job to keep an eye on the “maternity” field during the day and the “maternity” barn over night.

The clocks go back this weekend so the evenings will be lighter which is always helpful.

No lambs to bottle feed yet – watch this space!!

Spring holidays for couples at hicks farm

A Spring clean for our website

The daffodils are out, which is a sign that Spring is nearly here!

And…….Thomas has tidied up our website …well really he has rebuilt it.

He deserves a medal  for “His patience with Mum” whilst he put together the new website. Especially when Mum was having trouble with her widgets!!

We think he’s done a really good job.

Take a look for yourself and see…