Our annual Visitors return!

A few weeks ago a forward party of House Martins arrived but they did not hang a round and we have been watching the skies for more to come.

Finally the Swallows have arrived and are busy nest building in the barns and slowly but surely the House Martins are returning to build their precarious nests under the eaves.

Every year a Swallow sits in the same place on the telephone wire and natters away – is it the same bird each year? We wonder…. but it doesn’t really matter we just enjoy seeing them come safely back for another year.

Easter on the Farm

Easter would not be the same without Lambs to bottle feed.

In the thirty four years we have lived here at Hicks Farm there has only been one year without any lambs to bottle feed – we were certainly not going to make it two!

So, we have three fluffy lambs who have been named…. Tom, Jerry & Daisy!

Feeding times are very rapid now the lambs have worked out milk is delivered from a bottle but still very enjoyable for all.

Our carpet of Snow Drops

Don’t you just love it when the first signs of spring appear!

Our snowdrop carpet expands year on year – there are patches of snow drops all over the farm. Seeds dropped by birds which eventually make the tiny bulbs that will then spread to create mini carpets of white in unexpected places.

Nature left to its own devices paints a marvellous canvas!