Badgers on Harley’s Mountain

Although we knew there were badgers on Harley’s Mountain and had seen them on many occasions, we didn’t think anyone had ever been able to take any photos of them.

Over the summer many guests walked up the hillside at dusk to try and catch sight of the badgers outside their setts – and were pleasantly surprised to watch them in the gloaming.

Then Tim Dennis came to stay with his family and he took some magical pictures of the badgers. He has shared them with us. Thanks Tim.

Please go to our Facebook page entry for 12th September 2019 for more pictures.

Hope you like them!!

Pearl on the run!

Whilst on holiday in Orchard House Tim Dennis took some lovely pictures of the animals. He very kindly shared this picture with us.

Pearl is the greediest pig we have had – she can get across the field very quickly if she spots her food bucket and run even more rapidly in the opposite direction if she sees you carrying anything that looks like it could be medicinal!

Visit Facebook for a the full picture!!

Enjoying the hot weather safely!!

Pearl and Lily, our lovely Welsh White pigs, have made their own pig sized wallow in the field when they discovered the water tank had a slight leak. Seeing how they have kept themselves caked in the natural sunscreen of mud during this hot weather we have not had the heart to mend the ball valve on the tank.

Hearing their happy snorting when they are rolling in the wallow is really special but somehow they never seem to do it when I have the camera!!

They’ve called me Laura!

As posted on Facebook “They’ve called me Laura! After the lady who celebrated her Hen Party here last weekend – but I have no plans to marry at the moment!”

Our four bottle fed lambs have now all got names! Tim and Nigel were joined by two young ladies who remained nameless until last weekend. The visiting Hen Party helped make the decision.

Dotty was named because she has a blue dot on her back and Laura was named after the Hen who gets married in August.

Lamb feeding!

Happy Easter

The sun is out and all is well on the Farm.

Our two tiddler lambs are enjoying the attention from everyone at their feeding times and the extra cuddles in between.

And… of course they have names too. Meet Tim and Nigel!

Oh yes…. nearly forgot our lovely White piglets have been named Lily and Pearl!