Happy Christmas!

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Day with family and/or friends.

There has been no snow this year for our guests to enjoy but this year’s Christmas card shows the snowfall we had last winter.

It would be nice to have some crisp mornings with their gorgeous blue skies instead of this continual rainy weather.

Fingers crossed we will get a chance to get the sledges out!!

Meet Rodney

Meet Rodney!

Rodney is settling down on the farm – this fine Texel ram moved in last week. He has been introduced to the girls so all being well lambing is due to start at the beginning of April.

He is of the same lineage as our last two rams Rockie and Reggie – so keeping with the “R” names Mathew called this young tup Rodney and he seems quite happy with his new title.

As we took him across the farmyard to meet the flock of older ewes the Harry Enfield sketches of the old ladies and the “young man” came to mind!!!

Tourist Board Inspection time!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we have our annual “MOT” and everything is checked by the Tourist Board Inspector to make sure we are maintaining or improving our standards!

We retained our 4 Star rating and Orchard House has the bonus of a special Gold Award once again. The Inspector was pleased with the year’s upgrades and the ethos of the business which was really gratifying and reassuring too.

So, although the weather has been miserable and wet, we are happy that we are still achieving the high standards set by the Tourist Board and that we are doing the best we can to make all our guests welcome.

Autumnal feeling to the weather!

The blackberries are shining in the hedgerow and the leaves are changing colour. The lambs have all been sold in the market and the ewes are having a rest in the orchard enjoying the windfalls. It is the time of year when the countryside is busy with harvesting and preparing for the next year too!

This year we have made some damson gin and some blackberry too! It should be ready to drink by Christmas – everything good takes a bit of time!!

Badgers on Harley’s Mountain

Although we knew there were badgers on Harley’s Mountain and had seen them on many occasions, we didn’t think anyone had ever been able to take any photos of them.

Over the summer many guests walked up the hillside at dusk to try and catch sight of the badgers outside their setts – and were pleasantly surprised to watch them in the gloaming.

Then Tim Dennis came to stay with his family and he took some magical pictures of the badgers. He has shared them with us. Thanks Tim.

Please go to our Facebook page entry for 12th September 2019 for more pictures.

Hope you like them!!