Lambing is over!!

Last year Rodney our new ram arrived and as he is so young we never expected him to manage to get all the ewes in lamb in such a short time – but he obviously did! So all the ewes lambed in record time and every ewe had lambs.

We also decided as we had no extra helping hands at feeding times that any lambs who needed extra help would stay on there mums.

Thankfully there has been no one staying to witness the acrobatic antics that this involves when I try to catch a reluctant lamb in the field – oh how I wish I had bought a shepherd’s crook before lockdown!

There are two lambs who will have to leave their mums and go into the Tiddler Pen next week as they are slipping behind because they will not drink properly. I am sure a bit of extra TLC and they will be ok.

Watch this space!

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