Memories of Tango and Tizer

Tango leaves us.

Sadly Tango died suddenly this week. He was nearly 17 years old.

Tizer & Tango, two delightful kittens came to live with us in July 2004. They were a lively pair, as with all brothers buddies one minute & fighting the next.

When Tizer died a few years ago Tango was lost. But then he seemed to have a new energy and became a constant companion whether outside in the garden or curled up by the Rayburn – always a favourite spot for both of the cats as you can see from the picture!

We miss his grumpy countenance but loving attention- we have enjoyed his company as part of the family for so long.

We buried him next to Tizer and of course their friend Kim our wonderful sheep dog.

Test in peace Tango.

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