BBQ Cabin for Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage’s very own BBQ Cabin!

Arctic Cabins’ Tod and Jamie fitted this great BBQ cabin in the garden of Rose Cottage. It will provide a year round indoor BBQ facility for guests staying in Rose Cottage – so whatever the weather BBQ’s can be on the menu!

All that remains is for me to varnish the floor and the electric to be laid on for the lights and it will be ready to go for the summer.

So we have everything crossed that the Government will lift the English Covid restrictions in July and we will be able to welcome guests once more!

Shearing time

Shearing time!

Gosh the weather has been so hot – and just when we are all still in lockdown.

Normally, we are dodging the spots and trying to find a dry day to get the sheep shorn but this year it has been quite different and we have had no worries about shearing time!

The sheep were shorn in the morning, pitched and reunited with their lambs by lunchtime – there was quite a lot of bleating till they all paired up again but now the ewes (and Rodney) are very happy at having lost their heavy winter coats.

Looks like this lamb is asking the ewe if she’s his mum!

Sadly, Covid restrictions are still in place in England – these are due to be reviewed by the Government on 4th July 2020.

We hope that the restriction of not staying away from your home will be lifted and we will be able to welcome you back to Hicks Farm.

Keep safe.

Bottle feeding lambs at Hicks Farm Holidays

Bottle feeding lambs!

As predicted no. 23 and no. 3 lambs have had to come into the tiddler pen!

They are doing well now they are used to bottle milk full time.There’s no need for anymore of my acrobatics to catch them either!! They are always at the fence as soon as I come round the corner with their bottles.

The weather has been so cold they are quite happy to be able to snuggle together under the “mother lamp” in the straw.

They may have to be fed for a few weeks longer than usual as no. 23 is still quite small and it would be unfair to not feed no. 3 – and she would protest that is for sure.

We can’t keep on calling them no. 3 and no. 25 – Facebook names and friends suggestions still being considered – watch this space!!

Blossom Time!

We love this time of year when the blossom in the orchard arrives! The pink cherry tree on the pigs patch is gorgeous and the aged cherry tree on the big lawn is now in full bloom.

Unfortunately the wind is getting up so the blossom will soon be blown away.

But we can enjoy it for a while now during lockdown – it’s always a promise of an autumn harvest of apples and a few pears!

But never any cherries as the pigeons always harvest them!!

Lambing is over!!

Last year Rodney our new ram arrived and as he is so young we never expected him to manage to get all the ewes in lamb in such a short time – but he obviously did! So all the ewes lambed in record time and every ewe had lambs.

We also decided as we had no extra helping hands at feeding times that any lambs who needed extra help would stay on there mums.

Thankfully there has been no one staying to witness the acrobatic antics that this involves when I try to catch a reluctant lamb in the field – oh how I wish I had bought a shepherd’s crook before lockdown!

There are two lambs who will have to leave their mums and go into the Tiddler Pen next week as they are slipping behind because they will not drink properly. I am sure a bit of extra TLC and they will be ok.

Watch this space!