Introducing Phoebe, our new farm Cat

To be honest Phoebe arrived with us in July. We were re-homing her but after a couple of days inside the house (where she spent a lot of time in the office trying to get me to play with her instead of working) she made a bid for freedom and………

As Phoebe continued to return to the big barn for her food we were not concerned by the fact that she preferred to live outside. As time went on we saw Phoebe more frequently around the farm buildings but…. she often didn’t appear to see us!

It became more obvious that Phoebe was actually deaf or very very hard of hearing. She would often come round a building where we were working and be surprised to see us and run off immediately. Sometimes we would see her sitting on the straw bales and, until she saw us, we could shout and holler but she would not move.

Last month we made a break through and Phoebe came to me whilst I filled her food dish. Now we have daily cuddles (and nose rubs) and she is becoming more trusting, even when other people are around in her Barn.

Although she has not come back in the house she is very happy in the barns and just loves to get extra treats if we see her – especially her favourite tuna flavour Dreamies!!

So, maybe when you come and stay you might spot our little tigress as she prowls the gardens on her daily walkabout!

It’s been a long time!

Where has this year gone?

Covid-19 has been with us for so long it has become a way of life to keep your distance from everyone and in some cases lead a hermitic life. Slowly now we see a return to people getting out and about again to meet up with family and friends.

Whilst we have not been able to have guests here we have been busy and built two BBQ cabins.

The smaller cabin in the garden of Rose Cottage is perfect for indoor BBQing all year round – so no worrying about the weather forecast during your stay!

Our larger cabin has a BBQ and also a DIY bar area complete with bar fridge, glasses, crockery and cutlery. This cabin will seat everyone from both properties and has a fenced outside sitting area. It is located a short walk/drive away from the Pool Barn enjoying views of Harley’s Mountain.

So next time you visit enjoy a BBQ in the dry!

The Large BBQ cabin with DIY bar
The DIY bar area

Memories of Tango and Tizer

Tango leaves us.

Sadly Tango died suddenly this week. He was nearly 17 years old.

Tizer & Tango, two delightful kittens came to live with us in July 2004. They were a lively pair, as with all brothers buddies one minute & fighting the next.

When Tizer died a few years ago Tango was lost. But then he seemed to have a new energy and became a constant companion whether outside in the garden or curled up by the Rayburn – always a favourite spot for both of the cats as you can see from the picture!

We miss his grumpy countenance but loving attention- we have enjoyed his company as part of the family for so long.

We buried him next to Tizer and of course their friend Kim our wonderful sheep dog.

Test in peace Tango.