Happy St. David’s Day!

March comes in like a lionout like a lamb”  I do hope that is true!

We have had enough rain – please no more!! Sunshine would be good. The sheep would love to be outside wandering the fields instead of stuck in the barn but they are in the final month of their pregnancies and being out in the cold and wet is not ideal.

But the sun actually shone this morning, before leaving us and letting the weather turn to cold & wet yet again. Never mind it will soon be time for the clocks will change and then we will know it’s nearly lambing time and Springtime is always a special time.

Happy St. David’s Day!

"Ladies in waiting"

Storm Dennis rages!

What weather we are having!

In the past two days we have had 120mm of rain! The ground is sodden, the rain & hail persist and the wind is still blowing.

Although we are not due to start lambing until 1st April we have got the “girls” in early so we can keep them safe and dry.

Living as high up as we do there is no fear of flooding in the houses. The rain spilling into the streams runs past us but the fields are water logged so we have the inevitable “puddles” to contend with.

Our half term guests are dodging the spots (the sun did come out today!) and enjoying the swimming pool – might as well get wet in warm water!!

Snowdrop carpet

Snow drop carpets!

Despite the rain and the snow (not that it settled for long) the carpet of snowdrops has appeared on the lawn.

Over the years we have moved soil around the gardens and hidden in it are often a few bulbs which then decide to appear randomly. So there are always a few popping up in different places each year – we like it even if they are not always where you want them!

The snowdrop carpet is always a sign that winter will soon be turning to spring and that it is soon time to think about lambing!