Our carpet of Snow Drops

Don’t you just love it when the first signs of spring appear!

Our snowdrop carpet expands year on year – there are patches of snow drops all over the farm. Seeds dropped by birds which eventually make the tiny bulbs that will then spread to create mini carpets of white in unexpected places.

Nature left to its own devices paints a marvellous canvas!

Shearing time

Shearing time!

Gosh the weather has been so hot – and just when we are all still in lockdown.

Normally, we are dodging the spots and trying to find a dry day to get the sheep shorn but this year it has been quite different and we have had no worries about shearing time!

The sheep were shorn in the morning, pitched and reunited with their lambs by lunchtime – there was quite a lot of bleating till they all paired up again but now the ewes (and Rodney) are very happy at having lost their heavy winter coats.

Looks like this lamb is asking the ewe if she’s his mum!

Sadly, Covid restrictions are still in place in England – these are due to be reviewed by the Government on 4th July 2020.

We hope that the restriction of not staying away from your home will be lifted and we will be able to welcome you back to Hicks Farm.

Keep safe.

Snowdrop carpet

Snow drop carpets!

Despite the rain and the snow (not that it settled for long) the carpet of snowdrops has appeared on the lawn.

Over the years we have moved soil around the gardens and hidden in it are often a few bulbs which then decide to appear randomly. So there are always a few popping up in different places each year – we like it even if they are not always where you want them!

The snowdrop carpet is always a sign that winter will soon be turning to spring and that it is soon time to think about lambing!