Lambing time

Lambing has started!

Sadly we have no guests to witness the first born lambs this year.

Due to this terrible Coronavirus we have had to stop having guests. We will review the situation in mid-June.

However, natures course continues and these lovely lambs are doing well.

Every year we feel privileged to see lambs being born and I even get to bottle feed the weaker or extra ones. This year I will not have my usual band of willing visitors to assist at the feeding times. The bottle racks may be needed!

Hoping for a good outcome for all of you in isolation.

Keep safe.

Snowdrop carpet

Snow drop carpets!

Despite the rain and the snow (not that it settled for long) the carpet of snowdrops has appeared on the lawn.

Over the years we have moved soil around the gardens and hidden in it are often a few bulbs which then decide to appear randomly. So there are always a few popping up in different places each year – we like it even if they are not always where you want them!

The snowdrop carpet is always a sign that winter will soon be turning to spring and that it is soon time to think about lambing!